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graphics, icons, etc.
Zero Graphics +
Zrgrphcs is a graphics community ran by histrioniczero. This was started because:
- The 'Create Community' button seemed interesting to click.
- I make too many icons and banners. It completely gets out of hand sometimes.
- I can't think of any more. >_>
Rules and Things You Need To Know +
In this community, like many others, there are a couple of rules and things that I'd like everybody to know and follow. Even if I am a pretty bad rule breaker.
- These graphics are mine and I worked hard on all of them, gave lots of love and Chemical X to it. I'd appreciate it if nobody would steal them and claim them as his or her own.
- No hot-linking please.
- Credit this community if you decide to use any of what is posted.
- Comment. I'm not forcing you to comment, but it'd be pretty damn nice if you do. BUT if you decide to use anything, comments are a must. I'd appreciate it if I knew who were going around with my stuffins.
- I've just decided that everything is public for two days. After those two days, everything is MEMBERS ONLY.
- For requests, go to this post
The Maker +
Oh. Hi. Didn't see you there. -grins- I'm Zero - you will call me that until further notice. I'm thirteen years old. I'm a Sophomore in high school. I like to write, but I'm not very good.
I think both liking and hating Twilight is pretty overrated.
I live on the internet and on spicy ramen.
I am addicted to making icons. My life, man. My life.
Icons +
These are few of the things I make icons out of. Excluding misc. icons, of course.
- Fall Out Boy.
- Panic at the Disco
- My Chemical Romance
- Jonas Brothers
- Katy Perry.
- Paramore.
- Cartoons.

That's it, pretty much. So far, anyways.
Links. +
Links and stuff.
Internet home.
Er... yeah. That's all I have for me now.

Comment me on one of the entries to be an affiliate.

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